Kayak bass fishing on Lake Superiore

Kayak bass fishing on Lake Superiore:

Visiting Benni from Amici del Siluro - A report by Julian Ohnemus

In June Benni invited us to his camp “Amici del Siluro” on Lake Superiore to test his new fishing kayaks.

So we packed our best tackle and drove to Benni's at the lake. We were really keen too and the mood between Sascha and me on the way there was already hyped and casual as fuck!

Even though I already had some experience on Lake Superiore from my previous catfish trips, we were really excited about what to expect.

In addition, the time of year was still new to me and we would first have to invest time in locating the fish.

When we arrived in the morning after a relaxing overnight trip, Benni greeted us in a friendly manner and showed us his new kayaks.

These are equipped with a pedal drive and are great to drive. The kayak is steered by hand using a lever on the left side of the kayak. Alternatively, the pedal drive can be folded up and you can paddle the kayaks, which is very advantageous if you want to fish in the weeds or maneuver through aquatic plants.

After Benni's briefing and a short exchange of experiences, we packed our tackle into the kayaks. The front and rear storage boxes as well as the luggage net in the rear gave us enough space to store all of our bait/tackle. I put boxes that I often needed under the seat so I could always get them out. There are 3 rod holders installed, 2 behind the seat and one on the right side. The rods could also be easily placed in the stern and were very secure there.

Once everything was packed, we cycled off and first fished the herb field around the island opposite the camp. The year before, in September, I had very good success there with soft jerking with the OSP DoLiveStick and with surface baits/frogs such as the OSP Drippy and was even more surprised that we didn't find any fish.

Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that many fish were still taking care of their brood and were deep in the weeds or in the lotus fields where we couldn't reach. This was also confirmed to us by Italian electric fishermen we met who were taking stock of the lake.

We then quickly decided to fish the lotus flower fields and try to find fish that had already finished caring for the brood and were slowly coming back to the edge of the lotus to rob.

We fished smaller spinnerbaits, the Deps Minibros and the Jackall Deraspin did a good job here.

So it happened that I was able to throw at a fish that was just about to be robbed, and on the second cast it ingested my Deps MiniBros.


The spell was broken, we continued fishing fully motivated and had a few more contacts until the evening, which unfortunately didn't hook or get loose again before we were able to land them.

Towards the evening I maneuvered through a small canal that ran through the middle of the lotus and fished it with concentration. Already at the entrance I saw 2 bass which I was able to fish for. They responded to my bait, but didn't really want to bite. When they disappeared I made long casts and guided my spinnerbait parallel to the lotus through individual leaves under which I suspected the fish. So I caught my second bass relatively quickly, which came shooting out from under a single lotus leaf and unfortunately was the last fish for day 2.

Back to the Deps MiniBros.

Conclusion from day 1, the fish are standing alone and we will have to search a lot.

On day 2 we went out a little earlier in the morning to avoid the midday heat.

(At this point I would like to mention, if you come to Lake Superiore in summer, take enough to drink and good sunscreen! Headwear is of course also a must!)

We also planned to join Benni and the other dudes who were out on Wels at lunchtime and have lunch together. Before that, however, we went to a fishing shop in Mantova where we might treat ourselves to a goody or two.

However, before we went into the city, we fished the lotus fields in the immediate vicinity of the camp, and in the morning Sascha had a take in the middle of the lotus on a Megabass Survival Jig with a Megabass Fuwabug as a trailer. The fish was definitely better, but unfortunately he lost it in the fight when he was about to punch it out of the lotus.

In the meantime I fished a little more on the edge on the left side of the harbor exit of the camp, there is some gravelly ground here and the odd bit of rubbish in the water which serves as a shelter for the fish. I also saw a few bass swimming around here and was able to outwit a small bass with a 3″ OSP DoLiveStick before lunch.

Shortly afterwards we drove back to the camp, a little earlier than planned because, as I said, we wanted to go with Benni to his trusted fishing shop.

When we got there we were really excited about the range of baits that were on offer and we both treated ourselves to a little something. (You never have enough). I chose wacky worms and bladed offset picks. Scissors were also included for free.

Afterwards we went to the restaurant where we fortified ourselves with pizza for lunch.

When we got back to the camp, we sat together with Benni and the others for a while and in the evening, when it got a little cooler, we went out on the water again and fished the lotus field to the left of the camp exit where Sascha had lost his good fish. The fish seemed to be a bit more active there and I got a few bites on a 3″ Megabass Hazedongshad on a bladed offset hook that I had just bought at lunchtime. So I continued fishing with it and after a few missed bites I was able to outwit the 2nd bass for the day.

Megabass Hazedongshad on the bladed offset hook. It's very fun to be guided through the Lotus. Simply throw it in and let it sink again and again between the leaves. The bass like it.

When Benni and his guests drove out of the harbor to get to their catfish spots for the night, we joined Benni and he towed us with his boat along the river where we visited the “pools”/the backwaters of the main river Mincio, which flows into the Lago Superiore flows into the river.

There are also bass here and the opportunity to outwit predatory catfish in the shallow water, something my buddy who was there had already managed to do the year before. At that time he was able to catch 2 catfish on surface bait, unfortunately I only had one bad bite on an Evergreen Showeblows Frog.

Unfortunately, it got dark pretty quickly and there was a bit of wind, so after a short while we decided to drive back towards camp and fish a few more spots on the main river and a side arm with clear water. In the main river there are fewer changsen for bass, but there are also zander and the occasional perch and pike. But of course also catfish.

We reached the bottom again without any fish, where we chatted and drank a beer with other camp guests who had anchored their boat in a side arm.

Benni and his girlfriend, who were coming back from their vertical tour and happened to drive past us, picked us up there and dragged us the last bit back to the camp.

We sat together there for a while and let the evening end.

On the 3rd and final day we decided to only fish in the morning and then head home around midday when the midday heat came.

So get out again and into the Lotus. First, however, we drove to a clear water tributary that is not that far from camp. Here it was a little deeper and there were some fields of water lilies. Unfortunately we couldn't spot any bass and then drove back towards camp to the Lotus field where we had the most action so far.

We fished there for the rest of the morning and I was lucky enough to be able to outwit another semi-strong bass on the Jackall Deraspin between the leaves at the edge of the lotus field.

Now it was time and we took the kayaks back to the harbor of the camp.

The clearing out was quick, the real advantage here is that you can drive to the water. So anyone who wants to come with their own boat can also slip there. Or just load the rented boats (whether kayaks or catfish boats) from Benni.

After we had packed up we went out to eat again with the other boys, once again a relaxed atmosphere and of course good food. Good wine on the table and cool conversations, of course mainly about fishing and who had experienced what. What more do you want.

Afterwards we drove to the camp where we had the opportunity to take a quick shower and were ready for the return journey.

And finally ...

We really didn't have good conditions for bass, which were just sitting too much on their nests deep in the lotus.

However, we still had some action and were able to outwit one or two bass. Sascha was also able to make a decision on day 2 with a small bass. He immediately released the fish without a picture. That's right.

In any case, the lake has a lot of potential, it literally smells of bass everywhere and you can experience real great moments outside of the spawning/breeding season. I can confirm from my own experience that in September last year I caught one bass after another in the Kraut and Lotus fields. Back then, soft jerks and frogs were the key to success. This year in September I will be there again and of course fish for bass as well as catfish.

The pike in the lake are also interesting and have a very special pattern. As mentioned, walleye and perch are also present and can be caught both in the lake and up in the river system.

The lake definitely offers enough options!

Regarding the kayaks, it should be said that it was my first time fishing from a kayak. I was worried that you would only be able to fish while sitting, but they are so stable that you can stand in the boat without any problems and also turn around to get to your things in the stern. I also imagine a catfish drill would be exciting. I would definitely like to be able to check it off at some point.

The drive is also really pleasant, you can get up to speed easily with the pedals and if you drive a little slower you can drive to your spot without any problems without getting tired and at the same time you still have your hands free for e.g. B. to tow or to throw one or two into the lotus.

The atmosphere at Benni's camp is simply great and I would like to say a big thank you to Benni for the invitation and the great support. It was really relaxing and I'm already looking forward to the next time at Lago Superiore and its breathtaking nature.

With that in mind, tight lines to all of you!!

Lake Superiore, I'll be back.

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