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Japan Dream Tackle is your specialist for the highest quality fishing tackle from leading Japanese brands such as Megabass, Deps, Golden Mean, Ever Green, OSP, Yamatoyo, Zappu, Zenaq

Our Pro Staff Team

Sascha Erlemann
Head of sales & marketing

My name is Sascha, 90 year old and an avid angler from a young age.


Japanese fishing companies, in particular Megabass, I got to know the first time around 2014 and immediately fell in love with the material. Since that time and my first Megabass Destroyer rod it's happened around me and I am completely addicted to the JDM tackle mania.


I had the idea to enter the tackle business at the beginning of 2017 and since then my partner Igor and I have been building Japan Dream Tackle.


At Japan Dream Tackle I am the Pro-Staff Team Leader, Marketing / Sales Manager and WebShop Admin.

Julian Ohnemus

Hello my name is Julian Ohnemus.
I have been fishing since I could walk and have been using spinnerbaits to hunt our local predators since the beginning.
I came to JDM fishing through a fishing colleague about 2 years ago. From the beginning I was in love with the delicate and detailed work that Japanese manufacturers reflect in their products. 
I love to fish especially for perch and zander, these two fish fascinate me and are among other things in street fishing my main target fish.
When fishing I love to meet new people and have great experiences with friends. 
Fishing is a passion that connects, that's what drives me.
At Japan Dream Tackle I represent the Pro-Staff Team

Andreas Falk

Hey, mmy name is Andi,


am now 37 years old or young and come from the most beautiful state, Saarland.


I have been in the JDT family for only a few months now. But I am not a blank slate. I have done some reporting for Perch Junkie and have fished for a relatively large Italian company for the last 7 years.


My main focus is spin fishing for perch and walleye and during the closed season, but I also enjoy fly fishing for brown trout throughout the year.


In the meantime, I have also arrived in the Japanese area. Over the years I was always thrown in at the deep end. Besides the local predators, I also like to go for the second bass. Of course I mean the Black Bass. I will provide you in the future with pictures and video footage as well as reviews about awesome tackle.


At Japan Dream Tackle I represent the Pro Staff Team and take care of the supporter team.

JENS 'JNZ' Kretschmer

Hey, my name is Jens and I come from the dark east of Germany.


Since the tender age of 6 years I am on the road with the fishing rod and the whole thing takes according to my girlfriend year after year more extreme forms. While in the early days still peace fish and Ansitzangeln stood on the plan, I am for about 12 years to 99% with the spinning / cast rod on preferred pike, perch and zander on the road. About 7 years ago the 1st Destroyer PhaseIII Combo was ordered from Japan. Love at first sight followed by an extreme Megabass fetish. Since then, a handsome collection of (exclusively) MB rods was created, which are of course also fished through their paces. Through the MegabassWahn inevitably came into contact with Sascha / JapanDreamTackle.


Since 2020 I represent their Pro-Staff team with the "specialty" Megabass.

Dominik Wollrath
Pro-Staff Team / reeldoctor

My name is Dominik, I am 39 years young and come from the tranquil Hesse, in the middle of Germany. My home waters are among others the river Fulda, where I already had my first attempts as an angler at the age of 5 and was able to master them with success.


As you can see in the picture, the zander, next to the perch, is one of my favorite target fish, because this has an incredibly fascinating effect on me (above in the picture my PB with 98cm). I have devoted myself entirely to baitcasting and I have been maintaining and tuning reels of any kind for quite some time.


I am now the youngest member among the ProStaffers and I am looking forward to the coming great time with as big fish as possible, a lot of shop talk and a lot of great stuff from Japan Dream Tackle.


Thank you and I am glad to be a part of the team.

You always tight lines and a thick Petri!

Adrian Gorgievski
Pro-Staff Team

Hello together
My name is Adrian Gorgievski. 26 years young and a native of the Ruhr area.

For some time I have been intensively engaged in predator fishing. Thereby the domestic perch and the bass in the first place. I love to fish from my yaks.I am always with too much tackle on the water XD

But that's exactly my thing. Many rods, many techniques infinite artificial bait selection. This is the most diverse JDM Tackle Federführend. Basically, I am on the Dutch rivers / lakes and large waters on the road. For bass fishing it went so far always to Italy but that comes probably much more!
The attraction to explore new waters and always get the target fish to the tape is always there. So what else can I say ..the bus full of tackle the kayak on the roof and off we go!!!!

Now I will be happy to support the Prostaff team and share my experience on the water.

Thanks to the team and all time tight lines!


Michael Wulf
Pro-Staff Team


My name is Michael Wulf, I was born in 83 and I come from the beautiful Münsterland.
I felt like I was fishing before I could walk. Through my grandfather I was early and often on the water. It started with specks, then went to carp fishing, until I got infected with the spinning fever, which I now do exclusively. Especially baitcasting, the different rigs and possibilities, this high high-end Japan quality rods, reels, lures fascinate me enormously. 
Absolute Zenaq,Ever Green, Megabass and O.S.P fanatic! 
At Japan Dream Tackle, I represent the Pro Staff team. 

Wolf Van Der Weij
Pro-Staff Team


My name is Wolf Van Der Weij, and I'm from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


I've been fishing almost since I could walk and I've been on the search for the dutch predators since the very beginning.

I came to Japanese high-end tackle through a friend who introduced me to it.

From the beginning on I was in love with the detailed work that Japanese manufacturers adjusted in their products.

I am finesse fishing specialized and I love fishing for pike, perch, and zander. These fish seem to keep fascinating me and so they are my main target fish while fishing in the dutch waters.

At the moment I'm now the youngest member of the Japan Dream Tackle Pro-Staff team. I'm always looking for the biggest possible fish, lots of tackle talk and lots of great experiences at Japan Dream Tackle.


 When fishing, you get to meet new people and have unique experiences together.

Fishing is a passion that connects, that's what drives me!


At Japan Dream Tackle I represent the pro-staff team.

Matthias Dressler
Pro-Staff Team

I am Matthias, called Matze,

32 years old and I love to fish the Rhine on my boat.
In my youth it has grabbed me and since then fishing is my passion! In every free minute I slip the boat and have absolutely arrived at the Japanese tackle.

My preferences are Megabass, Jackall and OSP.
Baitcasting I am at home, there is nothing better for me.
On the Eicher See but especially the Rhine, also sometimes Dutch waters or in Hesse I like to be on the road. I like to let you participate in everything and will report as well as possible as Pro Staff in this team in detail.


At Japan Dream Tackle, I represent the Pro Staff team.

Aliaksandr Kapilevich
Pro-Staff Team

My name is Aliaksandr (Alex), I am 33 years old and enthusiastic angler since childhood.


Around 2009, I got to know a few Japanese companies. In the first place it was O.S.P and Megabass. From these manufacturers and some others that we also sell in the store, I mainly fish the hardbaits, and would not want to miss these in my tackle box.


With the bait I prefer to fish for perch and pike but also the zander does not say no to these delicacies.
My home waters are the Rhine near Mainz.
From time to time I am also on the Volga in Russia and on the Prypjat in Belarus.


In the future I will try to provide you with pictures, information about hardbaits and where they are best to use.


At Japan Dream Tackle, I represent the Pro Staff team.

Florenz Stahl
Pro-Staff Team

Beschur, wie der Siegerländer sagt, mein name ist Florenz, 35 Jahre, und ich komme aus dem
beschaulichen Siegen in besagten Siegerland.
Angefangen mit dem Fischen habe ich mit 10 Jahren im hiesigen Angelverein, damals stand
Madenbaden und anderer Ansitz auf der Tagesordnung.
Nach einer Pause von ca 5 Jahren habe ich mit anfang 20 wieder mit dem Angeln begonnen und seit
ca 8 Jahren beschäftige ich mich vorallem mit der Raubfischangelei. Zur JDM-liebe bin ich vor 4
Jahren gekommen, auf der Suche nach neuem Input, weil es soviel filigraner und spezifischere
Techniken, Baits, und Tackle gibt, das fasziniert mich und treibt mich jedes mal aufs neue an, mit
neustem Tackle aus übersee die Heimischen Räuber zu überlisten.


Zu Wasser fahre ich mittlerweile mit meinem Kajak, einem Hobie PA 14 360, das gute Stück ist mit
allem schnick schnack ausgestattet den das Angeln erleichtert und ich bin immer dran neues
auszuprobieren und dazu zu lernen.
Meine Hausgewässer sind die Sieg, die Taalsperren rund um Siegen und am Wochenden meistens
die Gewässer in den Niederlanden.
Ich hoffe das ich meine Erfahrungen in Schrift und Bildform für alle gut darstellen kann, das jeder
mit Freude etwas zu lesen/zu sehen bekommt und dadurch selbst motivation für das beste Hobby
der Welt bekommt.
Für Japan Dream Tackle bin ich 2021 ins Supporterteam gekommen und nun freue ich mich von
Herzen ins Pro Staff Team zu stoßen.


At Japan Dream Tackle, I represent the Pro Staff team.

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