Tackle storage such as lures and accessories is one of the eternal theme for anglers.

TAKLE BOX 2800D / 3000D used a high impact polypropylene material TAKLE BOX in, without damaging the lure, it is a multi-use type that can be stored in the system tick.

The internal partitions are set at a pitch of 5.5 mm, and they can be finely adjusted according to the lure size, and can be firmly fixed so that they do not slip. Both models are highly accurate and are resistant to distortion and deformation as MADE IN JAPAN quality.


Lineup of 3 colors of black / red / blue. Immediate identification in bags and large cases will help you to tackle quickly in the field.


* Please note that if the product is left in the car, in direct sunlight, or in a hot and humid place for a long time, the case body and the stored hard lure (hardbait) may be deformed, damaged, or deteriorated.

* Soft lures and elastomer materials may also be dissolved or deformed if left alone for a long time.

* If soft lure (softbait) or softbait oil adheres to the printed surface of the box surface, the printed part may dissolve or peel off.

* Please note that metal lures such as lead and tungsten may be damaged by a strong impact inside the case.

* Do not use benzine, thinner, etc., do not use near fire or soak in boiling water.