“RHYTHM WAVE” boasts high versatility that can be used for various purposes while maximizing the high fish collecting performance and bite inducing trigger bite ability, which are the advantages of the shad tail softbait..

Not only the body shape and overall balance, but also the details such as the thickness of the tail, the hardness of the material and the specific gravity have been verified.

Was achieved optimization of not too weak balance not too strong in the high pitch wobbling action by, no-sinker rig rig and wighted hook in swimming and rubber jig trailer, further down short and jig head of the rig finesse corresponding at a high level to style. The balance that shows stable action from slow to fast retrieve is excellent.

light rig compatible 2.8 From inches, it is full of volume even by itself 5.8 The lineup up to inches will be angler’s great power with a steel wall lining that can handle all situations.