The “Scissor Comb” created by Tsutomu Kawashima, a super locco angler on the Boso Peninsula, who is supported by many anglers for his sharpened skills and unique style, has four pairs of slim silhouette split tail shapes (forked). A soft bait with an original shape and a scissors arm attached.

This scissor arm receives water to generate a slight wave, and rolls from the body to the tip of the tail to appeal to the bass.

The action by the exquisite balance is very similar to the wave motion of small fish with weak swimming ability such as whitefish, and just by setting it with a lightweight jig head and winding it, the real small fish will be mistaken for a school and tracked. The versatility that can be used in various actions and situations is excellent.

From swimming with jig heads to cover shots with Texas rigs and free rigs, to finesse strategies for drop shot rigs and cat rigs, we support all approaches of shooting / winding / dropping at a high level.