DoLive Beaver 3.5″


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“Vassallo” puddle
It looks like normal pair of puddle but this is the engine of this bait which generates kick back wave motion of crawfish and shrimp automatically. It is designed vertically asymmetric to differentiate swing speed and creates lively action.
Gentle dent in a flat body
Flat body keeps stable posture under “Vassallo” action and contributes to improve hooking rate. This body shape helps slow and horizontal fall even when the bait does not equip weight like Carolina rig. So, quick and slow action is possible. Gentle dent designed in the center flat body helps conceal hook point when it get over cover like branch.


Beaded beard
Thin and long beaded beard imitating crustacean antennae does not disturb the action of “Vassallo” puddle but creates microwave by catching water. This is the symbol of manufacturing of O.S.P works because it paid particular attention even to details.
Materials (with tasteful and fragrant powder)
The materials of “The DoLive Beaver” are exquisite matching considering the durability and action performance on the cover, and castability. By adding the powder of genuine shrimp and squid “The DoLive Beaver” entices bass bite with taste and scent.

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