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DOLIVE SHAD has rib in the slit. At first, you bury hook point in the rib, and when the rib is ripped you can bury hook point at the bottom of slit. Thus you can use this bait many times.

Recommended rig (4.5 inc)

・No weight rig
Wobble and roll action by normal retrieve.DOLIVE SHAD makes steady action by slow retrieve and creates fascinating sound and splash by fast retrieve buzzing.It acquired voluntarily action when it falls, so combined technique of swim & fall becomes effective.

・Texas rig
It shows firm action shaking body and tail by free fall or slow retrieve with light weight like 1.8g. Not only sideway swimming but vertical falling like cover fishing is also effective.

・As a rubber jig trailer
It imitates the swimming of bait fish with high pitch tail action naturally. Especially, it performs best with swimming rubber jig and football jig.

・As a trailer for Bladed Swim Jig
With the vibration of blade jig and high pitch tail action of DOLIVE SHAD, entire body moves vigorously. That high appeal power gathers fish overwhelmingly.

Hook size recommended: offset 4/0~5/0(FINA・T.N.S OFFSET recommended)

Recommended rig(3.5 inc)

No weight rig, light texas rig, Jig head rig, Jig trailer, Carolina rig

Hook size recommended: wide gap offset hook 1/0

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