no-sinker rig Small silhouette with result of fishing on the rig and high specific gravity softbait ”WAMWAM / WAMWAM”.

Because it uses a material with a high specific gravity mixed with salt, it boasts outstanding flight distance and sinking speed while being compact. Hook the hook from the head, and in the normal setting, horizontal fall. The reverse setting, which is set from the tail side, shows a back slide action fall from the landing point toward the obstacle ahead.

It is possible to use the fall posture properly according to the situation to be used. At the time of fall, two long tentacles generate ultra-fine vibrations, and even throwing and dropping them will fascinate the bass. You will be able to get reliable result of fishing all fields nationwide, such as wild pond, small rivers, reservoirs, and lakes on the mountain.


[2019 NEW/ WAMWAM 60]

An upsized 60mm model that has been brushed up while inheriting the actual fishing performance of the original size, which has a proven track record in no-sinker rig rigs. High specific gravity material mixed with salt and increased weight due to volume further improve long-distance casting performance. It can be used not only for spinning but also for bait casting tackle without stress. In addition, details such as the design and each part are boiled down, and a bite is induced by the slight wave motion at the time of fall.

It is an indispensable item for TAKLE BOX that are active in all fields from reservoirs, small rivers, dam lakes to natural lakes, as they attract bass just by throwing them down.